A few years ago, I started making nut butters in my kitchen with a food processor, the best ingredients I could get my mitts on, and a hope that I'd make something just right for fueling my fast-moving, adventure-filled days.

Now, I have the pleasure of crafting delicious, culinary nut butters and confections to help fuel your adventures.

Every Ingredient Counts

Just like Justin's very first batch, our nut butters and confections use only the
best ingredients around.

Not Too Crunchy. Not Too Smooth. Just Perfect.

We use an extra-special proprietary nut
grinding method to get that incredible texture.

Good To Go

Crusty bread, celery stalk, bike basket or knapsack — you choose your vessel. Our
products are ready to travel and perfect for enjoying wherever the day takes you.


It's our not-so-secret ingredient. We throw
heaps of it into each and every product we create.

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